Le Moyne College – Coyne Science Center

48,000 square foot, 4 story addition to the Coyne Science Center at Le Moyne College representing the latest in sustainable technology

Address1419 Salt Springs Road, Syracuse, NY 13214TypeEducation

Our Role:

  • Represents the latest in sustainable technology
  • Expected to earn a gold LEED certification
  • Features a 125-seat tiered lecture hall, laboratories for instruction and research, a variety of classrooms and faculty offices, collaborative spaces, simulation facilities, and a computer lab
  • The building capitalizes on solar resources, using high efficiency glass, natural light, sun-controlled louvers, recycled materials and rooftop gardens
  • An “Energy wall” combines day lighting, solar preheating of the ventilation air, direct solar gain through glazing, and indirect gain and thermal storage via tromb walls
  • The emphasis on sustainable technology goes beyond design and construction, as the building serves as a learning tool for students, community members, and campus visitors
Square Feet 48,000 Year 2009 Stories 4
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